The Cream Blush Edit: Top Cream Blushes

For a long time, I didn’t particularly enjoy wearing cream blush. I saw it as more of a necessity, a step in my routine that I needed to apply in order for my makeup to last. I used to have insanely oily skin and powder blushes wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours. I … Continue reading The Cream Blush Edit: Top Cream Blushes


February 2018 Empties

If seeing cut up tubes and empty containers isn’t your thing, click away from this post now. But, if you’re like many people who have enough product to stock an entire department store, and then some, and are always trying to clear out more products to make room for more, then these are the posts … Continue reading February 2018 Empties

Instagram Roundup and Weekly Thoughts #1

Happy Saturday, everybody! Today I’m bringing you a little roundup of what I’ve been posting on Instagram. Since Instagram is a quick way for me to provide a snapshot of what I’ve been wearing, what products I’ve been liking, and any FOTD’s, a weekly or biweekly roundup on here will allow me to go into … Continue reading Instagram Roundup and Weekly Thoughts #1